The Black Owned Business Market

It finally happened. We took part in our first Pop Up Shop, The Black Owned Business Market. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology “Pop Up Shop”, a pop up shop is a temporary storefront set up in an event space where brands can interact with their customers in person and present their products to potential new cliental. Pop Up Shops are usually filled with online retailers and are a great way for any business to network and make connections that could potentially help them grow their business. The Pop Up Shop we took part in was hosted by a group that goes by Sanemusik. Sanemusik is an organization that supports local artist within their community. They host open mics, show cases and they also host events with the goal of helping black owned businesses. Their plan is to move forward hosting more events like The Black Owned Business Market and to find ways to contribute back to the community.
This blog post is to tell you about our experience at The Black Owned Business Market. There were about 10 vendors present including us and the event space was a decent size. The event hosts were gracious enough to provide us with the tables, chairs and a few refreshments. We only had to do our own setup and table decorations. This was nice because it saved us the hassle of not having to find a rental company at the last minute. I’m not sure how much advance notice we had about this event but give or take it could not have been more than two-three week’s notice. We were crunching for time because we wanted to ensure we had enough inventory and needed to order candle jars, scents, containers for our body scrubs etc. and at the same time we introduced a new product for the very first time at the Pop Up Shop, our Body Scrubs. We rebranded some of our products such as our lip glosses and introduced new ones to the website. Let’s just say we have been busy but it has all been for good reason because we love the products we make. We believe they are healthy, natural and with consistent use our products will change the feel and look of your skin. We’re getting side tracked but please know we create our products with love, and we really want to help renew or remove old dead skin. Nevertheless, back to The Black Owned Business Market, overall we had a great time. The DJ was good, the food options were good and we ended the day with a good amount of feedback and support from the local traffic that visited our table. We would definitely partake in another Black Owned Business Market if Sanemusik hosts another one and is gracious enough to invite us back.

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