Labor Day vs Labor Day Carnival

Labor Day

It was no surprise to me to learn that the first Labor Day celebrated took place in New York City. The date we have in history is September 5th 1883. It was described as a picnic to honor the American workers that have helped make American a Rich Nation. The purpose of Labor Day is to honor and recognize hard workers whose hard work has had a significant impact on their surrounding country and helped to shape the economic outflows within their economies.

On June 28th 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed the law to make it a National Holiday. At this point is when the street parades began, followed by festival music and recreational events for the workers and their families to enjoy. Labor Day is always observed on the first Monday in September.

Labor Day Carnival also known as the West Indian Day Parade.

The purpose of Carnival is to allow people to party before the holy season of Lent. Carnival involves parades, public parties, concerts, masks, customs, and more. Anything you would find in “Pandora’s Box”, you’ll find at Carnival. People traditionally partake in excessive amounts of alcohol, meat, sugar, etc.; indulging in their fantasies and forgetting all limitations. The point is to celebrate and be merry because during the Lent season people are required to sacrifice something they love or desire to show their appreciation and gratefulness to the creator. The Carnival season typically involves Caribbean festival music and is celebrated in different countries around the world.