Why You Should Trim Your Candle Wicks

Take a look at the used candles in your home. Unless you’re the type of person to trim your candle wicks religiously I bet your wicks have a black burnt mushroom top after being lit from 2 or more uses instead of the soft creamlike stem shape they were in upon first arriving to your home. Wicks that are not trimmed have the potential to leave black soot on walls changing the color of your paint and are more likely to produce a dull flame with a shorter burning time. It is important for you to trim your wicks to get the best scent and longest most efficient use out of your candle. There are different ways for you to trim your wicks at home. The cheapest way for cotton wicks is to turn the jar upside down and cut the wick with cosmetic scissors or really any pair of scissors will get the job done. For wooden wicks, if the candle has already been used you can use your fingers and the burnt edge of the wood will tear right off. The most efficient way to trim your candle wicks is to purchase an official candle wick trimmer tool which costs around $10. The video below shows an example of Mushroom wicks, black soot, and how it has the ability to damage your paint over time and untrimmed wooden wick candles. Since you stopped by our site please visit our candle pages. We offer cotton wick and wooden wick all-natural coconut soy wax candles in 12oz and 16 oz. We also have a custom line where you can choose your scent and customize your candle as a gift for your loved one or perhaps a gift for yourself. Thanks for reading.